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Rosemarie V. Jenau, President and Director of Canada Savings Shop, has been assisting seniors in their wealth protection since 1988. She started her career as an Executive of Asset Management, Ltd. She moved into advising individuals as a Senior Financial Advisor for AMEX Financial Services. To further her knowledge she very successfully served as a Senior Representative for G E Capital. In 1992 she was named to the Top Ten List of Senior Advisors in the United Sates.

Mrs. Jenau's main objective is serving the wealth protection interests of seniors. Rosemarie is well known for her retirement seminars.

Rosemarie lives with her husband Hans, who as an international financial counselor, and their two daughters in Winter Springs, FL.

As the daughter of a handicapped mother she is well aware of the many tough choices disabled persons and seniors on fixed incomes have often to make regarding their live saving medications or a warm meal. Her main concern is to make this important option, to fill prescriptions at a severe cost reduction, available to as many patients as possible.