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Please read what clients have to say about Canada Savings Shop:

My husband and I struggled for years trying to pay for the handful of prescription medication that WE MUST TAKE! When my daughter told me about buying prescription drugs from Canada I thought there must be a hitch. But signing up was easy, we're saving $386.00 every month and the prescriptions are delivered right to our door. We even go out to dinner again - often - and celebrate our good fortune!

P.R., Mason City, IA

To whom it may concern:

I live alone and have a very small income. Until you opened up your store, I used to have to skip my daily pills just to put food on my table. Now, thanks to Canadian Rx services, I can take my medicine and eat!

J.K. Williams, Atlanta, GA

Dear Sir,

I want to thank you for your incredible service. Between my husband and myself, we used to spend over $573.00 a month on medications. Since we started using Canadian drugs, it's only costing us $233.00 a month. WOW! We took the savings and went on a cruise! Thank you!!!

S. Higgens, Butte, MT


My nephew told me about Canada Rx service three months ago. I was a little nervous at first because I really don't know how to use a computer. He helped me with my first order of pills and now all I have to do is call for refills. You make it so easy. I saved over 50% on my medications. Thank you.

L.Y. White, Pittsburgh, PA